“Everyone at AMCC works together to ensure that our community’s needs are met. The online portal has been a great tool for the board and our owners. I like that as a board member I can log on and view what is going on in the community. AMCC often goes above and beyond what is expected. We have been able to address many issues within our community that had been neglected by our previous management company, all the while watching our assets increase. I would definitely recommend AMCC. They are a hands-on management company that gets the job done.”
— President of Glassboro Condo Association

“The Board felt our account would be more valued with AMCC. And the best thing about AMCC has been the personal service and issues addressed.”
— Philadelphia Condo Association Board Member

“AMCC’s help is invaluable and a major reason that we’re such a well-run condominium. They’re very knowledgeable about all aspects of managing this community and good at anticipating problems and preventing them. They’ve helped us to make good decisions regarding money management, and to avoid the need for sudden, large assessments by having a five-year maintenance plan in place.”
— Philadelphia Condo Association Board Member

“After meeting with Tony and the AMCC team for the first time, it was clear that their experience and knowledge in the industry would benefit us. AMCC has the experience and knowledge we needed to make educated decisions. With the help from AMCC, our compliance issues are considerably less and easier to manage. And we have made improvements and repairs to our community in a timely and cost-effective manner while staying within our budget. The best thing about AMCC’s services is that our community is happier in general. AMCC responds quickly to all questions and requests and their response time is a huge improvement over our previous property management company. As a board member, I can say that I receive an education on one topic or another with each board meeting. Our development has never looked better. I strongly recommend AMCC‘s services.”
— Lynne Kaplan, President Warminster Condo Association

“Nothing was getting done with our old management company. With AMCC, things get resolved in a timely manner.”
— Norristown Condo Association Board Member

“AMCC’s service is excellent. They’re always very polite and very helpful and make everything easy and refreshing. AMCC always responds in a timely manner even if it’s on a Saturday. It’s been overall an excellent experience dealing with AMCC and a pleasure working with their team.”
— Dot Kean, Warminster Condo Association Board Member

“I deal with four different condo association management companies and hands down—you folks are the best!”— Bill T., Warminster Condo Association Resident