At AMCC, we understand the process of selling or refinancing can be a stressful one, so we do our best to support the process, making it as easy as possible. If you are looking to sell or refinance in one of our Philadelphia, Bucks, Burlington, or Montgomery County communities, please contact our resale department for all of the required settlement documentation and escrow instructions.

Processing services include:

  • Resale transaction processing
  • Dues status and payoff statements
  • Mortgage/Lender questionnaire completion
  • Property covenant compliance inspection reports
  • Realtor reports and appraiser information
  • Acquisition of governing documents

Have a question about any of the services above? Please get in touch with our office directly, and we will help you order the documentation appropriate to your transaction.

AMCC provides fast, secure and reliable responses to homeowners, title companies, realtors, appraisers and inspectors, mortgage lenders, and other industry professionals.